Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Aluminum Battery Boxes

These are new battery boxes I've been building with Bennett Dahl.  We've been doing R and D for a few weeks and we've worked out a method to build these out of 16 gauge aluminum sheet.  The backs are attached with small, flush mount machine screws.  They are built to the CS:R club specs, which are 8.25" tall and 3" wide.  These are slightly oversized, usually by about 1/16" to 1/8" in height and width to accommodate the NPC motors. 

They are $280 a pair, plus $20 shipping in the U.S.  Shipping is $45 to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Canada. 

We can cut motor ports in the sides for an extra $20 per pair, but since everyone's motor setup is different, we are leaving them whole as the default.  They will come standard with 5/8" holes drilled for the knurled hose fittings, but we can leave those off by request.    

These are sanded down to 120 grit.  A bit of sanding to 220, and then some self-etching, metal primer will get them ready for finish coats of white.  

Paypal $300 for a pair of boxes (which includes shipping) to
Add $20 for motor ports.  

Monday, September 22, 2014

R2 Dome Travel Case for sale.  $100  Email me at

Friday, June 1, 2012

R2 on TV in Sac

I took R2 to Willett elementary school in Davis for a charity thing.  The cameras from Good Day Sacramento came along.  R2D2 School visit  Until I figure out how to capture the video for myself, this link will have to do.

Maker Faire 2012

We had a great time with the other builders at the Maker Faire in San Mateo this year.  6 droids in attendance. Great location, lots of adoring fans.  We also had the Wall-E builders, Mike Senna and Mike McMaster up from southern Cal.  Thanks all for a great event:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Leg set for sale.

I’ve got a full set of assembled, finished and primed wooden legs for sale.  I was commissioned by a builder to make a pair and I made an extra set for myself.  But it doesn’t look like I’ll use them on a second droid like I planned.  So I’m going to offer them here for cheap. These are assembled in the Senna/Franco style, although I made a number of mods to the design.  I used high end cabinet grade plywood.  There’s a space inside for motor wires.  You’ll also notice from the pictures that I’ve added a flange to the back of the center leg where it rests into the center foot shell.  This will keep the foot stable and secure and spread the load.  These may need some minor sanding and a bit of finishing and they are ready for paint.  There are four T-nuts mounted inside to bolt the leg to your frame which will probably need to be drilled to match.  I’ve run a set of these on my R2 for a couple of years and lots of events with zero problems.  Lots of details about their construction here: and in the older posts. 

I’ll take $575 for them plus shipping.  Consider that a full set of aluminum legs with angles is around $1200.