Friday, June 17, 2011

Battery Boxes for Sale

I'm doing another run of Battery Boxes for R2 Builders.  (Lots of requests have come in since the announcement for Celebration VI).  

Construction: The side walls, top and bottom are made of expanded cell PVC sheet (1/4” and 1/8"). The end pieces are made of PVC pipe, sliced in half. All joints are glued heavily with PVC cement. They are sturdy enough to stand on. 

I have not put any holes in the front for the cables or the sides for mounting to the feet. If you are putting motors inside of them, the PVC is easy to work with. You'll have to check to see which motors are compatible with the 1/4" sidewalls and the reduced width of 2.9". I haven't installed NPC motors in these, but some of the previous buyers probably have at this point. I can check. 

Specs: These boxes are to club specifications with one exception. The width of the boxes is about .1" shy of the 3.00" blueprints. PVC pipe with an exact 3" outside diameter is difficult, if not impossible to find. 

Finishing: The boxes have been finish sanded down to 320 grit. All the joints are smooth and clean. They are almost ready for primer. They may need a bit of touch up sanding here or there. 

Price: $70 a pair, plus $20 shipping in the U.S. (Lower 48).  I can ship elsewhere and internationally, but email me with your postal code for a shipping estimate.  

You can paypal it to  I'll be finishing the run and shipping them out in the beginning of July.