Saturday, August 27, 2011

Boba Fett Progress

With the guidance of some friends, I've been working on getting my vacuum former working and pulling some armor pieces for Boba Fett.  Made a bunch of progress today:

These are the side pieces for the knee armor.  I think I got the plastic too hot and the webs formed.  But they'll clean up and these are usable.  I'm picking it up fast.  

Next I pulled the kidney plate.  This came out better.  The only part that I need is the outer curve.  The rest will trim away.  

These are the knee plates.  The webs will be cut away so these came out great.  I've trimmed all of these and now I just need to construct a form for the back plate and I'll have the full armor set.  I was apprehensive about the vacuum rig, but this worked out ok.  I'm glad.  Maybe after Boba Fett it will be time for a stormtrooper.