Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Year Progress Report

Despite the lack of activity here on the blog, I've been working on it quite a bit lately. I got the styrene skins all glued on. Getting the inner skin attached to the frame is tricky. Turns out that even though lots of materials experts have opinions about the best adhesive for styrene to wood, none of them seem to know what they're talking about. I bought 15 or 20 different kinds of glue, ran extensive tests on all of them until I found something called Griptonite by Devcon. It's more or less a superglue, but it is a bit thicker than most, and there's something in it that dissolves the styrene a bit to make it bond well. I bought up every tube within a 50 mile radius--TAP Plastics, and attached the inner skin bit by bit. Alignment and drying times were hard, but I got it figured out with some work. Then I got the outer layers glued on. Here I could use standard styrene cement--Testors--and it works fine. The results are good. Here's the whole droid, more or less with a lot of the major assemblies fitted on. I have lots more parts on the bench, but I'm not ready to mount them.

I've also got my Rockler bearing mounted here with the dome ring loose mounted. Lots more work to do. More later.

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