Monday, August 3, 2009

Final Body and Leg Assemblies

Did some finishing touches on the body and legs. Spent a few days getting the battery box hoses mounted and attached.

And then I painted and mounted the battery box harnesses. I'm pretty dissatisfied with the paint job on them. I suck at painting, and using metallic paint is especially hard. Getting good clean results has been a constant battle. There's hardly been a piece on the whole thing that I haven't had to strip and repaint because of some problem or other. The solution, I think, is to ultimately replace these parts that I am trying to get to look like aluminum with paint with real aluminum parts. I didn't do that here because they are really costly. But I think I'll make up some aluminum coin returns at least, and then maybe replace other parts later. Most of the things that are bugging me though won't be very noticeable to others.

And I got the coin returns painted and installed:

I painted them silver first to get the faces in the right color. Then I masked the faces off and painted the base/body parts in blue. The results are ok, but not great.

Now that all of the major body pieces are more or less on--I'm thinking about the dome finally. I spent a bit of time last night sanding down the spin lines on the inner dome. And tonight I managed to get one of the holoprojectors installed. Pictures soon.

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