Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Public Outing

We took R2 to the Sacramento Sci-Fi and Horror convention last weekend and drove him around. When I was loading him into the car, a couple of things were immediately obvious to me. First, I need a way to safely load him into the back of the SUV by myself. And second, there's a lot of flex and movement where the legs attach to the shoulder hubs. So that needs to be fixed. More on the solutions later.

I wasn't prepared for the reaction at the con. People just mobbed us. I could hardly drive him around there were so many people wanting to see him, take pictures, and talk. It was pretty cool. He was a big hit. In fact, he sucked all the fans away from the autograph tables with the actor/celebrities. I forgot that he's a celebrity too. There must have been a hundred people who took their picture with him. Of note is this one with Tony Todd, who's done some cool work over the years as a Klingon, the Candy Man, etc.

And here's one with me and Max. I don't have a clue why that guy wanted to pose his Pokemon doll with the R2. Conventions bring out some strange ones:

I got to talk to the local 501st guys and will probably hook up with them now that R2 is mostly public ready.

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