Saturday, September 25, 2010

Egyptian Obelisk and Thor's Hammer

Some friends are having a big mythology themed Halloween party this year.  I signed up to help with some props.  Today I got started on the Thor's Hammer and the Egyptian Obelisk.

I cut four of these trapezoids and then nailed strips onto the inside edges of two of them.  The brad nailer made fast work on that part.  Then I nailed the remaining two sides and put them all together.

Next I put some triangles together to make the top.  Same technique, but I had to bevel the inside nailing strips.

I put that all together just loosely.  The top cap doesn't fit well, so I'll probably have to work on that some more.  I also cut out and assembled a quick square box for a base for the whole thing.
Pretty cool for a couple of hours work.  I'll get these all attached and get the edges cleaned up.  I think I'll make a mount on the base so that the obelisk slides down onto a dowel or something so I can take it apart easily.  Then I'll prime it all, paint it, weather it, and put some Egyptian heiroglyphics on it.

Next up I glued several 16" by 30" pieces of 2" foam together for the giant hammer head of Thor's Hammer.  Once the glue has set on these, I'll sculpt out the hammer heads, put a 2" pvc pipe handle on it, and paint it.  Should be very effective for smashing Halloweenies when they come to the door.  I'm going for a GWAR look.