Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Leg set for sale.

I’ve got a full set of assembled, finished and primed wooden legs for sale.  I was commissioned by a builder to make a pair and I made an extra set for myself.  But it doesn’t look like I’ll use them on a second droid like I planned.  So I’m going to offer them here for cheap. These are assembled in the Senna/Franco style, although I made a number of mods to the design.  I used high end cabinet grade plywood.  There’s a space inside for motor wires.  You’ll also notice from the pictures that I’ve added a flange to the back of the center leg where it rests into the center foot shell.  This will keep the foot stable and secure and spread the load.  These may need some minor sanding and a bit of finishing and they are ready for paint.  There are four T-nuts mounted inside to bolt the leg to your frame which will probably need to be drilled to match.  I’ve run a set of these on my R2 for a couple of years and lots of events with zero problems.  Lots of details about their construction here:  http://buildr2d2.blogspot.com/2009/12/legs-finished.html and in the older posts. 

I’ll take $575 for them plus shipping.  Consider that a full set of aluminum legs with angles is around $1200. 


halo36 said...

Did you sell these or are they still available? Thanks.

Matt McCormick said...

I sold them. Thanks for the interest.