Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Aluminum Battery Boxes

These are new battery boxes I've been building with Bennett Dahl.  We've been doing R and D for a few weeks and we've worked out a method to build these out of 16 gauge aluminum sheet.  The backs are attached with small, flush mount machine screws.  They are built to the CS:R club specs, which are 8.25" tall and 3" wide.  These are slightly oversized, usually by about 1/16" to 1/8" in height and width to accommodate the NPC motors. 

They are $280 a pair, plus $20 shipping in the U.S.  Shipping is $45 to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Canada. 

We can cut motor ports in the sides for an extra $20 per pair, but since everyone's motor setup is different, we are leaving them whole as the default.  They will come standard with 5/8" holes drilled for the knurled hose fittings, but we can leave those off by request.    

These are sanded down to 120 grit.  A bit of sanding to 220, and then some self-etching, metal primer will get them ready for finish coats of white.  

Paypal $300 for a pair of boxes (which includes shipping) to
Add $20 for motor ports.  


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