Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wonder Con Day 1, part 2

More pictures from today.  There's just about nothing better than robots combined with cleavage.  Special thanks to the Suicide Girls for guarding R2 with their lives while I went to the bathroom:

Me and Max early before the hall was filled with 10 million visitors:

There is a very special place in my heart for stormtroopers:

To give you some idea of just how special:  it's a hard call for me between low cut Suicide Girl costumes and this.  The trooper in the back is looking very casual.  

I don't know what to make of a human size Alien who has Kubrick proportions--must have taken a lot of work to build this costume:

Gerard had a blast today:

More soon.  

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Rebekah Donaldson said...

Those Suicide Girls are bad ass.