Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wonder Con Day 1

Several area builders converged on Wonder Con in San Francisco today:  Chris James, Gerard Fajardo, and Steve Simmons.  The Golden Gate 501st graciously allowed us to share their storage room.  Here are a few pictures.  Going back tomorrow for the R2 Builders' panel discussion at 1:30-2:30.  Will post more then.  I had lots of radio interference troubles during the day.  Stray signals from 10,000 people and lots of equipment in the convention seemed to make R2 crazy.  Made things a bit stressful.  Other builders who were running the newer 2.4 ghz radios had no troubles.  I may have to upgrade.  When I was building I opted for cheaper parts on a number of things and I have lived to regret it on almost every one of them.  Less learned.

And I must offer up a special thanks to Chris James.  He has guided me through the whole process of organizing our group for this, getting set up with the convention administrators, and countless other things. Today he went droidless and just helped me and Gerard all day as droid handler.  It was a huge benefit.  Thanks Chris!!

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