Friday, October 2, 2009


I let the first round of weathering with the browns and reds sit for a few days and I thought about it. Don Bies, one of the droid builders and wranglers from Lucasfilm, says to avoid black for weathering in a tutorial he did at Celebration 3. I appreciate his point, but there's just no denying the sooty, black tone of the weathering in A New Hope. So I layered on some thinned out black acrylic tonight. I tried to get a bunch of runs and puddles to resemble some sort of mechanical fluid running out of R2s joints and fixtures. And I got a good drip going on the hole in the body in the back where I punched a screw driver through. We're going to play that off as battle damage/laser fire. I think I'm more content with the results. But I'll have to see how I feel about it in a few days. He's heavily weathered now, that's for sure.

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wolff said...

Great dirt `n' scuff detailing! You put smudges, etc. exactly where logic would dictate they'd be - R2 looks like he lives in the SW Universe, instead of looking like some prissy visitor to the Galaxy.


Brad Wolff