Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Traded some R2 parts to another builder who's an expert helmet maker. He's done some meticulous restoration work on a cast of one of the original Jango Fett helmets and figured out a process for cold casting the reproductions. I've got plenty to do with the R2, but I am psyched about this helmet.

To the casual observer, the Jango Fett costume looks more or less like Boba Fett's but with different colors. But there are a lot of very interesting style differences. Jango's got a lot of very retro, almost art deco looking details, and that's combined with a definite Old West cowboy flair. He's also much tidier and cleaner than Boba. Dare I say he's even got some gay style going on? He's at least a metro-sexual. I'm digging him and the helmet, even if Attack of the Clones is the second weakest film of the 6. The Dented Helmet is the builder resource to go to for pictures and build details.

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Rebekah Donaldson said...

Hmmm! To this casual observer it looks like a wood helmet spray painted gray?! But that's because when it comes to models and replicas I am a n00b. If you transform it the way you made an R2D2 materialize out of scraps, this puppy will be camera ready in no time.