Friday, October 16, 2009

The Dome Lighting Project

So the project for the last few weeks has been to get the front and rear logic lighting systems built and installed. Currently, here's the plan.

I'm using a couple of these pic flasher kits from Carl's electronics:

Senna's PCB plans for front and rear logic systems

And I have some of the printed circuit boards that Mike Senna designed for the club.

And finally I have order a pile of LEDs from a distributor in China off of ebay. Mike Senna found these:

color shape MCD amount Price Ebay Number
Blue flat 6000 100 $8.00 110433484400
Red flat 5000 200 $17.00 120468254580

White flat 4000 100 $16.00 300320156284
Green flat 4000 50 $9.00 300320153056
Yellow flat 4000 50 $7.00 300320154213
Orange flat 4000 50 $7.00 300320153790

These are better than the package of LEDs from the Florida electronics company that has been supplying the club because they have a flat top. So when these are inserted in the bezel, the front will be more or less flush and will look more like the original fiber optic systems in R2 in the original film.

I ordered the bezels from James Com8 Maxxius on the club board.

The Pic flasher will supply current and a somewhat random flashing pattern through its 8 outputs. And Senna's PCBs have the 8 strings of lights scattered around on the board to maximize the randomness. So after a whole bunch of soldering the results should be good. I will update soon, however.

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